The Pied Piper
Directed by: Jacques Demy
Starring: Jack Wild, Donald Pleasence, John Hurt, Donovan
Run Time: 91 Minutes
Format: 1.78:1 Widescreen
Rating: G
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The Pied Piper is director Jacques Demy's masterful retelling of the classic children's tale. Set in the Middle Ages, the divided town of Hamelin tries in vain to rid itself of the black plague. When a mysterious musician arrives (played by music legend Donovan), can the townspeople put aside their personal agendas to rid themselves of their rat infestation? Or will the petty and greedy town leaders, led by the sublimely creepy Donald Pleasence, attempt to take advantage of their savior? With great music and spectacular costumes and sets, The Pied Piper is a fascinating take on a familiar legend.