Directed by: James Burrows
Starring: Ryan O'Neal, John Hurt
Run Time: 93 Minutes
Format: 1.78:1 Widescreen
Rating: R
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Sergeant Benson (Ryan O'Neal) is the biggest ladies man on the force. Kerwin (John Hurt) is a gay man, works a desk job and keeps quiet about his personal life. When a double murder lands on Benson's desk, he's forced to go undercover into the gay community in order to bring the killer to justice. It's a tough job for a macho cop - but fortunately, he's got a partner. Benson and Kerwin team up to solve the crime, and find themselves doing things that were never included in their job description. Written by Francis Veber (La Cage aux folles), this hilarious fish out-of-water comedy delivers equal parts thrills and laughs.