ZPG: Zero Population Growth
Directed by: Michael Campus
Starring: Oliver Reed, Geraldine Chaplin
Run Time: 96 Minutes
Format: 1.78:1 Widescreen
Rating: PG
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Oliver Reed and Geraldine Chaplin star in this dystopian vision of things to come. Under the weight of overpopulation, human society has begun to self-destruct. A policy of Zero Population Growth is forced upon citizens in hopes that twenty years without new births will right the sinking ship that is our planet. Couples are issued dolls to take the place of children, and neighbors are encouraged to speak out about any illicit breeding. Reed and Chaplin play a couple that make the decision to subvert the will of the government and have a child of their own. They're soon forced to hide their crime from big brother, baby-snatchers and even those they had trusted most. Zero Population Growth follows in the tradition of Logan's Run and Soylent Green in making it endlessly entertaining to watch a world that we wouldn't want to live in.