The One and Only
Directed by: Carl Reiner
Starring: Henry Winkler
Run Time: 98 Minutes
Format: 1.78:1 Widescreen
Rating: PG
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Henry Winkler shines in this charming romantic comedy about an actor who finally makes it big - in the world of professional wrestling. Winkler plays Andy Schmidt, an actor who despite his formal training finds himself unemployed after graduation. His brash demeanor may have cost him an audition or two, but it's perfectly suited to the world of professional wrestling. Soon enough, Andy will have to learn to balance the world of Pro Wrestling stardom with his marriage to Mary (Kim Darby) who loves Andy despite the larger than life world he inhabits. With a screenplay by Steve Gordon (Arthur) and directed by Carl Reiner, The One and Only is the rare kind of romantic comedy that can tug on your heart, but also make you stand up and cheer.